INOXTO Fitness Small Gym Bag Review

INOXTO Fitness Small Gym Bag Review
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What We Like

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Versatile
  • Features a separate wet pocket

What We Don't Like

  • Lining fabric feels cheap
  • Zipper quality isn’t the best

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely spent some time researching the best gym bags money can buy. By now, you probably understand how hard it can be to find the right one. This is especially true if you really care about your gear and want to find one that will be able to keep up with your workout for a long time to come.

We’ve decided to review one of the best gym duffel bags that you can buy right now. Take a look at what it is that makes the INOXTO Fitness small gym bag so appealing to many gym rats out there.

INOXTO Fitness Small Gym Bag Review

This gym bag is very versatile and can be used as more than just a gym bag. The way it’s built lets the user pack and protect all their necessities. Even though there might not be anything too impressive about it, it’s certainly a good bag that can make a great gym companion.

Who is it for?

Even though this bag is primarily made for gym enthusiasts, it has a variety of features that make it suitable for other uses as well. If you’re looking for a multi-functional bag, you should definitely consider this one. The back features a mounting strap that lets you attach it to your luggage, so it can be a perfect carry-on or an overnight bag.

On the other hand, it’s a small bag, so it might not be the best choice if you have a lot of equipment. It’s also not suitable for sports that require larger gear, so think about the intended use before you decide to buy.

What’s included?

The package includes the bag, in which you’ll find the matching detachable shoulder strap. Needless to say, the strap can come in handy in more than a few situations.

INOXTO also gives you a lifetime warranty on the bag. If there’s anything that you’re not satisfied with, you may be able to get a replacement or get it fixed.

Features overview

At 17.7L x 10.6H x 10.6W inches, this bag can hold just enough equipment for an average workout session. It’s made of waterproof nylon fabric with nylon thread, so it should do a good job of protecting your gear from moisture. Bear in mind that the waterproofing isn’t perfect, since the zipper can still let water through in some cases.

Speaking of the material, it’s not exactly premium grade. Even though it’s durable enough for average use, some users have experienced fabric tearing over time.

The bag is compact and lightweight and features four different pockets: one interior, one on the front, and two side pockets. This is certainly useful to those that care about organizing their items to their liking.

One of the zippers on the side opens to the shoe compartment, and the other to a waterproof pocket that’s perfect for storing wet items. On the side, there’s also a mesh pouch for smaller items, which you’ll be able to reach quickly.

Overall, the bag is well-made and very practical. The build quality might not the best there is, but it should satisfy the needs of average users.

How to get the most out of it

If you decide to go with this bag, make sure to take full advantage of the multiple pockets. The waterproof side pocket is certainly a nice touch that eliminates the need to carry zip-lock bags for your wet towel and such.

Also, bear in mind that there isn’t much room left after placing your shoes in the compartment. After all, the manufacturer advertises it as a small gym bag. Make sure you don’t have to carry too many items with you.


As mentioned, many gym enthusiasts will find this bag very appealing. Still, it might not be up to everyone’s standard. If you believe you need a bag that’s bigger and sturdier, you might want to check out the Kuston Sports gym bag.

For about the same price, you get more room, better waterproofing, and stronger and more durable materials. On the other hand, it may not be as versatile as this INOXTO bag, so think about your priorities before you make a final decision.


After an in-depth analysis of the features that the INOXTO Fitness small gym bag has to offer, we think it’s a good bag that will get the job done. It might not be the most impressive we’ve ever seen, but it’s definitely among the most versatile and practical gym bags we’ve reviewed.

If you’d rather go with a bag that’s a bit bigger and more robust, there’s always the Kuston as mentioned above. Give the two of them a closer look and there’s a chance that one of them might become your next gym companion.

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