How To Pack A Military Duffel Bag

How To Pack A Military Duffel Bag
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Are you heading off for basic training, or maybe even going off to a foreign country to serve?

Well, something which many members of the armed forces never consider is how to pack a military duffel bag. This is what we are going to discuss right now.

Staging Zone

One of the most important tips to follow when packing your military duffel bag is to find a good staging area. You want to find a large and flat space where you can lay out all of the items you are going to be taking with you; this will help you organize all of your items that you are bringing along – you will be able to clearly see all of the items.

Staging Zone

On that same note, making a list is important too. If you have a good staging zone, ensuring that you have all of the essentials with you will be made much easier. Also related to this, you might want to pack, unpack, and repack your duffel bag a few times. This will make you better at packing, plus it will allow you to know exactly where everything is inside of the duffel bag.

Think About Weight

Once it comes to packing, something you always want to consider is the weight of all of your belongings that are going into the duffel bag. Of course, you want to pack lightweight items whenever and wherever possible. However, when it comes to certain items, there is just no getting around the weight factor.

When you are packing your military duffel bag, be sure to put all of the heavy items in the center. Keep all of the lighter items around the edges and to the sides of the duffel bag. This will help with weight distribution and will make it much easier to carry with good balance. It just helps make life a bit easier.

Reverse Order Packing

Another tip that you should always follow when packing your military duffel bag is to pack everything in reverse order. The things that you will need to unpack first, should be the last things you pack; the last things you pack in the duffel bag will be on the top, and therefore easily accessible as soon as you open the bag. It is all about streamlining your operations, something you will learn in the military.

Bringing Only the Essentials

Something that you will learn quickly in the military is to only pack essentials. It is all about being streamlined, lightweight, and ready to go. If you think that you “might” need something, chances are that you probably should not bring it with you. Once you have packed all of the essentials, and you still have some room to spare; this is when you can add in the “might need” items.

Socks, Socks, Socks

One thing which many military personnel will tell you is that socks are always very important to have with you. If you have some space to spare, bring as many pairs of extra socks as you can, and good ones too. In the military, you will be on your feet a lot, and socks are known for breaking down fast, so the more you have with you, the better.

Moreover, you might not have lots of time to do laundry, plus socks in the military get wet a whole lot too. Socks are one of the crucial components of any military duffel bag.

Bringing Only the Essentials

Folding and Rolling

Another important tip to follow here is to always fold your clothes in a tight and compact manner. You want all folded clothes to be folded the same way. This will help save space, and it will also help make sure that stacks of clothes are uniform and fit well with each other. It is like a big game of Tetris with your clothing. You want everything to fit together neatly.

This is the case with smaller items, but with bigger things, like pants and coats, you might want to try rolling them. Rolling larger articles of clothing is a big space saver, and when combined with Tetris-like clothes stacking, should help you fit a whole lot more in your duffel bag than you thought possible.


Your military duffel bag is going to contain everything you will need, so packing it in the right way is pretty important.

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