Are Duffel Bags Good For Traveling?

Are Duffel Bags Good For Traveling
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Are you going on a trip soon, but don’t know what kind of luggage you want to use? Well, you might want to consider using a duffel bag.

Many people wonder whether or not duffel bags are good for traveling, which is what we are here to find out.

The Shape Of The Duffel Bag – Lots of Room

One reason why duffel bags are great for traveling is due to their specific shape. Generally speaking, duffel bags have a cylindrical shape, kind of like a large tin can that has been turned on its side, one with straps attached for easy transport. Some can be more square-like in design, which is actually even better than the rounder ones.

The shape and the design of duffel bags is specially made to allow you to fit a lot of gear and belongings into them. When all is said and done, the shape of a duffel bag allows you to pack more belongings than any other type of baggage of the same size. It’s all about being able to fit a whole lot into a single duffel bag.

Easy Transportation

Easy Transportation

Another reason why duffel bags are great for traveling is because they are very easy to transport. Now, if you are going on a long vacation and do not feel like carrying anything, you might be better off using a rolling suitcase. However, with that being said, there are some modern duffel bags out there which also come with wheels and a handle for pulling.

Furthermore, most duffel bags are made to be very lightweight, yet also very durable. They are known for being light, but also being able to hold a whole lot of content. It’s much easier to carry around a light duffel bag filled with the same belongings than one of those heavy and cumbersome suitcases. After all, duffel bags also come with handles that are specially designed to make carrying them as easy and comfortable as can be.

Just consider the fact that most duffel bags also allow for the option to carry them just like a backpack. Instead of having both straps in your hand, you can have the bag on your back with one strap over each shoulder. When it comes to transportation and a lightweight design, you really cannot beat a duffel bag. Sure, there are some duffel bags which are heavier than others, but generally speaking, they tend to be quite lightweight.

The Materials

The next aspect of duffel bags that makes them so ideal for transportation is due to the materials they are made of. This is a general assessment, as there are duffel bags made of various materials. However, generally speaking, they will be made of leather, nylon, canvas, or other such materials.

What we mean to say here is that duffel bags are built tough. They are built to hold a whole lot of gear, heavy gear that other types of baggage just could not deal with. At the same time, duffel bags tend to be highly resistant to ripping and tearing, which cannot be said for many other types of baggage or luggage.

Duffel Bags Come In Various Sizes

Duffel Bags Come In Various Sizes

Perhaps the best aspect of duffel bags is the fact that they come in so many different sizes; seriously, there is a duffel bag out there for everybody. If you are going to stay at a friend’s house for the weekend, or have a little 3-day business trip, a small duffel bag will do the trick. They come in small sizes that are just big enough to fit the necessities for a couple of days.

The big advantage with these is that they are lightweight and easy to carry, and also, most of them will qualify as carry-on luggage for airplanes, which is always super convenient. Of course, they also come in much larger sizes, such as those made for the military or sports enthusiasts. There are some duffel bags out there which can hold full length hunting rifles and even whole skis too.

The point we are making here is that there is a duffel bag of every size and for every occasion. It really does not get more convenient than that.


When it comes down to it, in our opinion, the duffel bag might just be the very best form of luggage than you can go with for various reasons. They come in all kinds of sizes, they have lots of compartments, they are super tough, easy to carry, and can hold a whole lot.

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